Bertheau's Law

Why Silicon Valley?

Kiwi's need to keep our cultural heritage just use it sparingly and where appropriate. Build our future on newfound knowledge acquired from more experienced economies’ to build positive value that will change the world forever.

Why would you do it any other way?

In today’s competitive world you need everything possible to be stacked in your favor. So why compete with one hand tied behind your back?

New Zealand's Economic Might

BHAG, one of those acronyms that may or may not mean something to the average Joe, "Big Hairy Audacious Goal." We all have them, the average Joe included; to some degree, it is part of being human, we all have goals, things we want to accomplish, for some of us it is based around family and others around community or human enrichment.

Book review, "Founders At Work Stories of Startups' Early Days" by Jesscia Livingston

This is the second story, the Renaissance of the technology age. The first story was that of how William Shockley created such a poor working environment at Shockley Semiconductor that Fairchild Semiconductor was founded. There was a mass ex-odious from Shockley Semiconductor of some of the brightest minds of the day, in 1957 Robert Noice and Gordon Moore are just a few that left to found Fairchild Semiconductor which became the grandfather of the hardware and software industries.

Where does your business play?

Only engage in product or service enhancing endeavors that increase the value exchange on both sides of the relationship. These are not Pollyanna behaviors rather behaviors of businesses building long term partnerships, from supplier to customer.

Focus on expanding the market and capture part of those newly created market opportunities, this is done through innovation of products and/or processes. It is just too difficult to compete for existing markets; existing owners of that market are unwilling to share and they tend to own the established clients for that good or service.

Expanding the market through added value.

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