Why Silicon Valley?

Kiwi's need to keep our cultural heritage just use it sparingly and where appropriate. Build our future on newfound knowledge acquired from more experienced economies’ to build positive value that will change the world forever.

Why would you do it any other way?

In today’s competitive world you need everything possible to be stacked in your favor. So why compete with one hand tied behind your back?

By trying to go it alone and use number eight wire to deliver subpar products to limited markets because you do not have access to capital is just an excuse that is most likely grounded in the notion that we punch above our weight!

So please take your great ideas to “Nirvana’s Ecosystem” and change the planet in a positive way.
Life is too short to squander the opportunities simply because our cultural heritage forces us to limit the possibilities. Especially when it is you the cofounders’ decision on the course of action.

Yes it’s your burden if your great idea doesn’t change people’s lives.

Pansophos Associates White Paper.

- Tim Bertheau

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