Where does your business play?

Only engage in product or service enhancing endeavors that increase the value exchange on both sides of the relationship. These are not Pollyanna behaviors rather behaviors of businesses building long term partnerships, from supplier to customer.

Focus on expanding the market and capture part of those newly created market opportunities, this is done through innovation of products and/or processes. It is just too difficult to compete for existing markets; existing owners of that market are unwilling to share and they tend to own the established clients for that good or service.

Being aware every day, the rate of change within your business had better be at a velocity greater than the markets you serve or one day you will be wondering what happened. Change for the sake of change is a very inappropriate strategy, your business needs strategies that are built around paradigmatic approaches to business problems.

Having a fully engaged business is key to everything, your brand is experienced with every customers' touch point; from product use to customer service and everything in-between. If the full customer experience is not consistent your brand is lessened. People are what drive both great and poor outcomes, people are your brand. If your people are not engaged your brand and business are at risk.

- Tim Bertheau

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